Q: Black Draupadi?

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Tue Aug 19 17:40:41 UTC 1997

Draupadi's very well-known name, K.r.s.naa, indicates that Draupadi was of
dark complexion. For the similar reasons, Arjuna is called K.r.s.na, as is
the well-known K.r.s.na of Vrindaban, Mathura and Dvaraka. I do not think
that we can automatically equate a dark complexion with a "tribal"
background. Thus, Arjuna's brother, Yudhi.s.thira, born of the same mother,
is said to be of fair complexion in the Mahabharata. Also Draupadi's brother,
Dh.r.s.tadyumna is of a fiery complexion. And of course Draupadi herself has
a special birth from a sacrificial altar.
With best wishes,
Howard Resnick

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