Q: Black Draupadi?

David R. Israel davidi at mail.wizard.net
Tue Aug 19 16:01:58 UTC 1997

Regarding Draupadi's polyandry, Vidhyanath Rao wrote:

> And, of course, Dumezil had a very different explanation for this. I
> have never seen any of those who claim that Draupadi's polyandry is
> a sign primitivity to attempt to explain why Dumezil must be wrong.
> I am not even sure that many of those even knew what Dumezil had to
> say.

I'm among those who don't know what Dumerzil had to say on this (or 
any other) topic.  Might you care to share (in some summary form) the 
view / interpretation / idea(s) in question?

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