Tagore in Germany

KJKARTTU KJKARTTU at elo.Helsinki.fi
Mon Aug 18 14:42:19 UTC 1997

Dear colleagues

Petra Wehmeyer asked (28th July) about M.-L. Gothein and a few other 
German connections of Tagore. Of Gothein I have written down a brief 

GOTHEIN, Marie-Louise (née Schröter)
12.9.1863 - 24.12.1931.
German Authoress interested in India. Daughter of Constantin Schröter, 
Landesgerichtsrat in Breslau, and Hermine Auguste Leonhardy. From 1885 
married with Eberhard Gothein (1853-1923), an economist and cultural 
historian who worked as Professor d. Nationalökonomie at Technische 
Hochschule Karlsruhe in 1884-90, at Bonn 1890-1905 and from 1905 at 
Heidelberg University.
Publications: Indische Garten. 
- translated: Tagore, Gitanjali.
Sources: husband in N.D.B. 6, 1964, 654-656.

Helene Meyer-Frank had some relation (wife?) to Heinrich Meyer-Benfey 
(d. 1945) who wrote a book about Tagore in 1922. Earlier the two had 
translated together: Tagore, Das Opfer und andere Dramen. 1920.

The others are unknown to me

P.S. I have still to check details of their publications from library 
catalogues etc. but at present there is no time for it.

I hope this helps


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