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Ralph Bunker asked,

> Sorry. This message was not intended for the Indology list. Would it
> be possible to have an option that will ask for verification before
> sending a message to the entire list?

Since a mailing list (such as this listproc -- same deal for a 
listserv) functions simply through email as such -- i.e., IF you send 
a msg. to the Indology address, THEN it will be distributed to the 
list, if you don't, it won't -- ergo, my half-educated guess is that 
any verification procedure would have to be instituted individually 
by the partricular writer at his/her own end of the interaction.

Unless you're suggesting that all messages sent to the Indology 
addres should be automatically returned to sender with the question, 
"Did you *really* mean to send this here? if so, please re-post"?

Beyond whatever technical difficulties might be involved in 
establishing such a hypothetical, it's hard to think of it as being 
less cumbersome than the current procedure, -- a procedure wherein a 
quick glance at the TO field should generally suffice to serve as an 
excellent (albeint non-automated) verification mechanism . . . .

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