Q: Indo-Chinese Wars.

Anshuman Pandey apandey at u.washington.edu
Sun Aug 17 09:01:59 UTC 1997


I was speaking with an individual at an Independence Day of India 
celebration who mentioned that during a war between India and China
an Indian soldier fended off a rather large battalion of Chinese troops in
the mountains by himself. Apparently the rest of his battalion was
defeated and he was the lone survivor, until his ammunition, and his
stamina, were exhausted and he too was eventually defeated.

This is a rather vague narration (the soldier's name and place of battle
were unknown to whom I was speaking with) and I was not aware of such an
occurance. It seems to me like a nifty little piece of patriotic flag
raising! Did something similar to the above ever transpire during a war
between India and China? If so, could anyone please tell me what the name
of the soldier was and where the battle took place?

Thank you!

Anshumnan Pandey

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