Help Acta Orientalia (cont'd)

Asko.Parpola at Helsinki.FI Asko.Parpola at Helsinki.FI
Wed Aug 13 15:36:41 UTC 1997

>        Dear Sir,
>      I used to look through several copies of the journal and it's seems to
>me I know the
>reason of today's state of things. The main problem is that the content of
>this journal is
>not interesting: many articles on the same matters are available in other
>journals. Natural-
>ly, nobody wants to get the same information twice.
>        Truthly Yours,
>                              Tattvarthi. dmitry at
>                              Institute for Oriental Studies (St.Petersburg)

Do you mean that many articles in Acta Orientalia plagiarize articles in
other journals?? Please give concrete examples! Asko Parpola

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