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Tue Aug 5 22:16:53 UTC 1997

W. Trimble wrote:

>I am about to embark on a research project that looks at the importance of
>the __Dhaatupaa.tha__ in the revival of Indian grammar.  I will start with
>the debate between Whitney and Bhandarkar and from there expand my
>examination.  My principal source has been Frits Staal's __Reader on the
>Sanskrit Grammarians__: beyond that, I've not had much success. Any source
>that muses on the Dhaatupa.tha would be much appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

You should find G.B. Palsule's two books on the Dhatu-paa.thas, published
by Deccan College, Poona/Pune, useful. They review the earlier work of
Liebich etc. Bhagiiratha Prasaada Tripaa.thii (pen-name Vaagii;sa ;Saastri)
also has a book in Sanskrit dealing with dhaatus. It is published by the
Sampurnananda Sanskrit Univ., Varanasi. Dr. Ch. Werba (Indologisches
Seminar, Wien/Vienna) is working on a considerably improved version of
Whitney's _Roots._  (the project has several other important features too).

A reference to George Cardona's Paa.nini: Survey of Research, if not
already made, should be rewarding.

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