Text references on 'kalasha/ kumbha/ ghaTa'

Adam Bowles A.Bowles at latrobe.edu.au
Fri Aug 1 05:14:34 UTC 1997

The poet Bhartrihari speaks of comparing breasts to golden jugs
(kanakakalasha) in one of the poems from the Vairagya shataka.  In D.D.
Kosambi's edition of the Shatakatrayam it is poem number 159.  The text
runs as follows:

stanau maa.msagranthii kanakakalashaav ity upamitau
	mukha.m shle.smaagaaram tad api ca shashaankena tulitam
sravanmuutraklinna.m karivarakaraspardhi jaghanam
	aho nindya.m ruupa.m kavijanavishe.sair guru k.rtam

Though this is obviously not a ritual text, perhaps it will be of some use
to you?


>Dear members of indology list
>I am working on the use and symbolism(s) of 'kalasha/kumbha/ghata' in the
>ritual context. My main stress is on rituals the way they are executed
>nowadays. My main three categories are=20
>1) the pot/ vessel/ jar used as recipient of different substances (purified
>water, milky products,...) for ritual use;
>2) the pot/ vessel/ jar used as (temporary) seat of a deity (male or female)
>to be worshipped in this form;
>3) The symbolism of an earthen pot explicitly broken during a ritual
>(especially antyeshTi).
>Within such an 'All-over-India-topic' I would be very grateful to get some
>further references of text material (sources or other) concerning the
>following questions:
>a) references to passages dealing with the terms 'kalasha', 'kumbha' or
>'ghaTa' in connection with their size/form and material (shilpa shAstras and
>b) references to passages out of philosophical texts and subhAshya dealing
>with the vessel/ pot/ jar as a metaphor/ symbol (Advaita and other=
> traditions);
>c) passages to compare the vessel/pot/jar with the (human) body;
>d) references of texts/ ritual manuals - exept antyeshTi rituals - where the
>breaking of a pot is explicitly described (and interpreted).
>Any hint to one or the other point is most welcome - thank you so much!
>Marianna Kropf
>Marianna Kropf
>Universit=E4t Bern
>Institut f=FCr Religionswissenschaft
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