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claude setzer cssetzer at
Fri Aug 1 16:31:10 UTC 1997

In trying to clean up some Vedic etexts, I have noticed the following very
strange anomaly and wonder if anyone can explain it to me and perhaps
suggest a solution.

In the font used to type the text, the conjunct character, kta, is
character 160, which on a PC in Microsoft Word, at least with HP printer
driver, is not a printing character. (Evidently, long ago HP used this for
a printer control code and MS permanently removed it form use.) Therefore,
all of the 160's in the text appear as a blank space. 

The strangeness comes in when I shift to another font for that portion of
text. This font has the kta as character 134. Even though the character was
entered in the original text as 160, it now shifts to 134 and appears
correctly on the screen!!!!!!!!!!  How can this be????

If I do a character search with the old font, all of the kta's appear as
160. If I search after changing fonts, no 160's appear and all of the kta's
appear as 134's!!!

Thanks for any help!!

Claude Setzer   cssetzer at

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