Passive in Dravidian (Was: Re: `Conversational Sanskrit' vs `Real Sanskrit')

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Wed Apr 30 05:12:46 UTC 1997

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<< PTSI raises these issues to suggest that, at least, various sections 
 of the TolkkAppiyam are an unnecessary fit on the language, literature,
 it seeks to describe.  >>

Some of the errors/inconsistencies in Tolkappiyam's first two books have been
pointed out by G. Devaneyan aka tEvanEyap pAvANar in his 'oppiyan mozinUl'.
(You may have to disregard some of his other views on language history.) Of
course, in the third book which scholars consider to be of later origin,
there are quite a few 'nUrpA's which do not reflect the Tamil culture.


S. Palaniappan

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