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Aims and scope

The aim of the _International Journal of Hindu Studies_ is to examine
Hinduism centrally and in a special way. It wishes to consider Hinduism
analytically and comparatively as a "form of life" as clarified by its
contrasts and similarities to other historical and present day forms. This
is to say that we will be less concerned with the intrinsic forms of
Hinduism and its history, as illuminated by philological and descriptive
studies.  Rather, our focus will be, on the one hand, on Hinduism's
adaptations to a wide range of historical circumstances and ecological,
economic, and political possibilities and, on the other, on the Hindu
forms that work "on the ground" in particular places and times to generate
special kinds of social, cultural, and psychological order and problems.

We consider this to be necessarily a comparative exploration and welcome
(and need) contributions from scholars in other fields who wish to bring
their own studies of religion, world views, theories of modernity and
pre-modernity, social organization and social control, and so on, into
dialogue with Hindu studies. We equally encourage South Asia scholars to
explore such perspectives in their own work.

We wish to explore whether it may be productive to ask--in addition to the
descriptive "_What_ is Hinduism?"--the theoretical question (or questions,
for we expect there is a large and productive set of answers) "_Why_ is
Hinduism the way it is?" 

The Journal, therefore, invites submissions of a comparative or
theoretical nature in all fields of the social sciences and humanities in
the hope of furthering a dialogue that centers on one of the great human
creations, Hinduism, which differs in so many respects from the religions
and societies that have informed much of classical Western thought. 

Articles falling within the broad and deliberately somewhat vague
boundaries we envisage will be chosen on the basis of the quality,
importance and general interest of the research, the force of theoretical
argument, and felicity of expression.

For further details on the _International Journal of Hindu Studies_ please
visit the Journal Homepage at

Completed manuscripts, inquiries about material for possible publication,
and correspondence to the editor should be sent to the Journal's editorial
         Sushil Mittal, editor
         _International Journal of Hindu Studies_
         International Institute of India Studies
         1270 St-Jean
         St-Hyacinthe, Quebec
         Canada J2S 8M2

         Phone: 514-771-0213
         Fax: 514-771-2776
         Email: mittals at

Article manuscripts, including notes, should not exceed 40 pages in
length. Please submit four copies. All submitted work should be
double-spaced, including extracts, notes, and references. Footnotes should
be as few as possible, and typed double-spaced at the end of the text.
Documentation should follow the style recommended in sections 16.3 through
16.28 of the _Chicago manual of style_, 14 ed. (Chicago: University of
Chicago, 1993), pp. 641-51. Authors are encouraged to submit tables,
figures, maps, photographs, and other illustrations along with their
manuscripts; please consult the editor for specifications. Additional
guidelines on manuscript preparation will be sent upon request.

All manuscripts submitted to the _International Journal of Hindu Studies_
are expected not to have been published elsewhere and not be under review
for possible publication elsewhere. Unsolicited book reviews are not

Books for review and correspondence concerning reviews should be sent to:

	 Carl Olson
	 Department of Religion
	 Allegheny College
	 Meadville, Pennsylvania 16335-3902

	 Tel (814) 332-3313
 	 Fax (814) 333-8180
         Email: <colson at>


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