Sandhi in `real' Sanskrit vs `conversational' Sanskrit

Vidhyanath Rao vidynath at
Thu Apr 24 15:26:20 UTC 1997

>  voe> From: Vidhyanath Rao <vidynath at>
>  voe> The editor's introduction in the HSS I referred to earlier notes
>  voe> that in some verses attributed to Bhart.rhari, sandhi is
>  voe> occasionally not applied at the caesura. In the Kaavyas, sandhi
>  voe> is applied between the padas, but not always in puraa.nas.
> Which is one reason why some modern authors call the language of the puraa.nas
> "corrupted" because of "errors in sandhi". But whether these are really to be
> considered "errors" is debatable in some cases, and could indeed reflect a
> manner of thinking about prosody that relaxes the application of sandhi rules
> in favour of a more natural pronunciation of verses instead of considering the
> metrical verse the unit of pronunciation.

The key is the word `modern'. It might be better to talk of Sandhi in
`reified' Sanskrit instead of `real' Sanskrit.

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