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Jacob Baltuch wrote:
> >>Interestingly, Inder is a pervasive suffix: Mahinder, Rajinder,
> >>Bhupinder, etc.  A reference to the martial qualities of Indra, the god of
> >>storms, I suppose.  If that is the case, then Punjab is the only place
> >>where this Vedic deity is so regularly refered to in everyday life today!
> >
> >The word "indra" was also used as a common noun 'hero, warrior', even among
> >Buddhists who knew the god under the name $akra. I for my part knew a
> >Javanese named Ali Birendra!
> You've also got "shilendra" which is an epithet of Shiva (from which the
> name of the Javanese slendro I'm told is derived), although I don't know
> what it means. Same etymology I suppose?
> Otherwise, since you know where to find all those fonts, do you know by
> any chance where I could find a font of the shavian alphabet? (Does it
> even have an encoding scheme?) No that's not a trivia question :),
> I really like how it looks, looks a bit like malayalam to me,
> except for that it's not incredibly useful.
> It suddenly got reminded I don't know why, and I thought you were the
> right person to answer this question. (If you can't don't lose any
> sleep over it :)
> Cheers
> Jacob
> ps: Don't forget to add info for translitteration of shavian to your
>     page :)

Sailendra is one of the names of Siva. Parvati is known as Sailenra 
Dhanaya,or Sailendri.
But in history, the Sailendras were a powerful dynasty who ruled over the 
Malay Archipelago- (Malay Peninsula, Sumatra, Java,and few thousand more 
islands).The region was known at one time,as the Sri Vijaya Empire. The 
Sailendra emperors held sway for over six hundred years. They were known 
as the "Kings of the Mountains" for a reason.The Pandyas of Tamilnadu 
were also known as" Saila raja"s.They were better known as "Malayan"s. 
The mainland part of the Sri Vijaya Empire was known as 
"Malaya".It is known still by the same name.Kings of 
"Malaya"-"Sailendra"s. The Khmer Emperors also were known by a similar 
name for a similar reason. After all,the" Phnom" in" Phnom Phen" also 
means a mountain.
"Silendro"is a derivative of the" Sailendra".The Sailendras had a close 
affinity with East Java.


Sungai Petani
Kedah (@Kadaram- province of Sri Vijaya)
Malaysia (@Malaya)

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