Ritual and archiecture

Thu Apr 17 17:35:04 UTC 1997

On Thu, 17 Apr 1997, WILLIAM G WALL wrote:

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> >Hi everybody, 
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> >I am looking for research/ studies relating to ritual in
> >traditional Indian Architecture and find out if ritual has any significant
> >relation to mandalas as archiectural devices
> >
> >Also, I cannot locate a study of ancient town of Vijayanagara by John Fritz
> >and George Michell, It deals with urban morphology and rituals in the city
> >
> >Please let me know if anybody has come across such a study. Any references
> >about ritual in ancient India will greatly help. 
> >
> >Thanking in  advance,
> >
> >sincerely
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> >d e e p a k     g u p t a
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Dennis Hudson at Smith College has done some remarkable work on ritual 
and architecture in southern India. I don't know if he reads this list, 
but he is a real goldmine of information (and insights).

				Bill Harman
				DePauw University

Ref: dhudson at julia.smith.edu

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