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Wed Apr 16 17:49:39 UTC 1997

>>Interestingly, Inder is a pervasive suffix: Mahinder, Rajinder,
>>Bhupinder, etc.  A reference to the martial qualities of Indra, the god of
>>storms, I suppose.  If that is the case, then Punjab is the only place
>>where this Vedic deity is so regularly refered to in everyday life today!
>The word "indra" was also used as a common noun 'hero, warrior', even among
>Buddhists who knew the god under the name $akra. I for my part knew a
>Javanese named Ali Birendra!

You've also got "shilendra" which is an epithet of Shiva (from which the
name of the Javanese slendro I'm told is derived), although I don't know
what it means. Same etymology I suppose?

Otherwise, since you know where to find all those fonts, do you know by
any chance where I could find a font of the shavian alphabet? (Does it
even have an encoding scheme?) No that's not a trivia question :),
I really like how it looks, looks a bit like malayalam to me,
except for that it's not incredibly useful.

It suddenly got reminded I don't know why, and I thought you were the
right person to answer this question. (If you can't don't lose any
sleep over it :)


ps: Don't forget to add info for translitteration of shavian to your
    page :)

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