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>Now, a precedent has been set whereby the president officially recognizes
>a coalition government as always being hostage to the whims of a
>supporter. Any party can table a no-confidence motion, however many times
>it wishes during the tenure of a government, but how many trust votes is a
>government expected to seek? Am I alone in thinking that this is an
>unhappy precedent to set for the future, which is almost certainly going
>to feature hung parliaments and coalition governments? 

	You are certainly not alone in thinking about precedents such as
these being set for the future. But then, since 1969 as I can remember, 
no opportunity seems to have been missed to set as precedent, things
clearly in open violation of the spirit of the Constitution - foisting of
Chief Ministers on states, Governors reporting to Prime Minister, 
Department Secretaries (IAS cadres) taking orders from Party chiefs, open
support of dissidence and so on. In the current situation, it may not be
too much to expect Annual Elections hence forth. 

	-- ramu

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