Call for co-op: webpage on different standards of transcription/transliteration (2)

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Mon Apr 14 11:18:35 UTC 1997

I wrote:

>Dear friends,
>I'm preparing a webpage dealing with transcription of various scripts and
>languages, as well as phonetic notation, in ASCII and HTML. Any suggestions
>and/or pointers to existing standards/proposals/existing habits are most
>welcome. ALL languages and scripts are of interest.
>Thank you,
>Philip Jonsson <bpj at>

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this project!

This is an ongoing work. I would especially appreciate any information any
of you can give on 127-character ASCII-based transliterations of various
languages and scripts. I intend to present these alongside .gif images of
the original scripts as well as more traditional transliterations, as well
as presenting comparative tables of alternative ASCII transliterations of
the same scripts.

I would also appreciate your help to propagate this request (including the
original one) on mailing-lists and newsgroups concerned with linguistic
scholarship, as well as other Internet fora where such transliteration
schemes are in practical use.
Again apologies to those who get multiple cross-posted copies!

Please be sure to include my email adress and to point out that responses
should go directly to me, since I see no point in burdening lists' traffic
with responses to this request!

Thank you,

Philip Jonsson <bpj at>

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