Attitudes to Hindi, Tamil, etc.

Srinivasan Pichumani srini at
Mon Apr 14 16:20:30 UTC 1997

	Sounds like the Hindi-speaking states at least pretend to 
	study a third language, while we great and glorious Tamils 
	have dropped even the pretence of studying any language 
	other than Tamil and Hindi.  Which one sounds more fanatical ?
			     English ?

Pretension is just swell, eh ?

	I think more people in the world would study Tamil if we 
	Tamilians would achieve something remarkable.  Many people 
	are now learning Japanese and Korean.  It's because of those 
	peoples' achievements.  Not because of their boasting, quarreling,
	and being just plain unpleasant.  You can't even sell a Big Mac by being 
	confrontational.  Much less convince people to study your culture.

Its' interesting that you get most quarrelsome and pontificating
whenever someone brings up this issue... earlier, it was Robert
Zydenbos and others discussing the very real marginalization of
other Indian languages.


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