Posthumous Conversions (was Re: Melleny)

Peter J. Claus pclaus at
Mon Apr 14 13:00:48 UTC 1997

Well Lars,

Sorry. As a Westerner, you have to do something REALLY GREAT, and have a
meglamania, like, say, Saint Bill-who-stands-at-the-Gates-to-Heavan to be
treated like a saint in India these days. 


On Sun, 13 Apr 1997, Lars Martin Fosse wrote:

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> Subject: Re: Posthumous Conversions (was Re: Melleny)
> If this business of making dead Westerns saints becomes a regular thing, we
> shall all (Westerners I mean) end up as saints sooner or later. What a
> relief! I shall never have to worry about my saintly qualities again.
> Lars Martin Fosse

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