Rig Veda, ta'ntra, nUl, and sUtra

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<< So it may well be that S. Palaniappan doesn't have "butter" in his hands
 all, but rather a far more dangerous thing, an axe to grind. >>

If you read my earlier posting in response to Jacob Baltuch's comment, it
will be obvious that I do not have any axe to grind. I was just taking the
information provided by you further by one more step. I was saying that with
your information about Avestan, you had already arrived at the solution.
There was no need to go further. I did not mean I had the 'butter' in MY

As for the occurrences of 'ta'ntu' as 'thread', that is not a problem. As you
point out, 'ta'ntu' occurs as both thread and warp. But, we are interested in
the converse problem, i.e., in Vedic only 'ta'ntu/ta'ntra' is used as 'warp',
not any combination of 'vRt' with other words meaning 'thread'. (If such
occurrences are found, we have to revise the thesis. That is what scientific
inquiry is all about.) That seems to me to be the critical question. 


S. Palaniappan

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