pronunciation of Sanskrit

Dick Oliver dicko at
Sun Apr 13 13:13:57 UTC 1997

I wrote:
> dc> It's really too bad in my opinion that Sanskrit hasn't much
> dc> of a chance for adoption as a national language in India. 

To which Robert Zydenbos replied:
>I was under the impression that Sanskrit already is a national language: one of
>the many national languages which are recognized by the constitution. Which is
>why it is one of the languages used on all banknotes, etc.

It is an *official* national language. I meant there doesn't seem to be much
chance of it actually being used as a major medium of "interstate"
communication by a large percentage of people the way English and some
variations of Hindi are.

(BTW Robert your English is amazingly proper for somebody speaking *both*
double-Dutch and Sanskrit! <grin>)

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