Posthumous Conversions (was Re: Melleny)

y.r.rani at y.r.rani at
Sat Apr 12 17:17:15 UTC 1997

Lars Martin Fosse wrote:
>I never heard about a Christian saint called Napoleon!! And saint Caesar is
>new to me, too. Or did the missionaries simply believe that all Europeans
>should be regarded as saints?
Much like the Church of the Latter Day Saints, if you convert, and become a
Mormon, you can convert ALL OF YOUR ANCESTORS posthumously.

Or, as I discovered years ago, while I was a "practicing Unitarian,"  all
progressives and liberal thinkers who have ever existed, are defacto or
retroactively Unitarians (for they would obviously and innately HAVE BEEN
Unitarians, had the Unitarian Church existed in their era and/or locale).

Yvette C. Rosser

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