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Dear Members of the list,

Sorry for the time I took answering the thread I launched during february
about the  translation of the 2nd Bhavanakrama of Kamalasila.
Thanks to all for your help with my query on this translation.

I should have been more precise and tell you about the references I already
had at hand. Sorry for that.

Besides the Catalogs of important librairies and usual Buddhist
bibliographies, I actually found the biggest number of references in P.
Pfandt 'Mahayana Texts translated into Western Languages', Koeln, 1986 (as
mentioned by P. Wyzlic), that have to be supplemented with the 'Guide to
Buddhist Philosophy' of Frank E. Reynolds, Boston, 1981. Powers's 'The
Yogacara School of Buddhism' doesn't mention any other translation of

Apart of the translations in Russian an hindi mentioned by Tattvarthi and
Wyzlic, for the ones who are interested and have not the bibliographies
mentioned above, hereby follows the references to the translations into
Western languages of the first and third Bhavanakrama.

1st Bhavanakrama :

1.      La progression dans la meditation (bhavanakrama of Kamalasila).
Trad. du sanscrit et du tibetain par Jose van den Broek. Bruxelles, 1977.
(traduit sur le texte edite par Tucci dans 'Minor Buddhist Texts', Roma,
1958 donc = 1er Bhavanakrama.)

2.      Kamalasila. - Bhavanakrama translated by Stephen Beyer in 'Buddhist
Experience', pp 99-115, Encino, 1974.

3.      (Portions of the first Bhavanakrama) Kajima, Yuichi. 'Later
Madhyamikas on epistemology and Meditation'. Kiyota 133-140 (!, unable to
identify this reference).

4.     Gomez, Luis O. Kamalasila. - Primer tratado de cultivo graduado
(Purvabhavanakrama) (parte I). Traducion y notas. In 'Dialogos, Revista del
Departemento  de filosofia, Universidad de Puerto Rico'. Ano 11, numero
29-30 (noviembre 1977), 177-224. 

3rd Bhavanakrama :

1.      Lamotte, Etienne. Le troisieme Bhavanakrama de Kamalasila,
traduction de la version tibetaine. In Paul Demieville ' Le Concile de
Lhasa', Paris, 1952.

2.      Olson, Robert F. and Masao Ichishima. An English translation of the
Third Process of Meditative Actualization by Kamalasila. In 'Taisho Daigaku
sogo Bukkyo kenkukyo nenpo', 1 (1979), 241 (17) 205 (53) (reference not
controled. Pagination !!!)

3.      Penza Corrado. Il terzo  bhavanakrama di Kamalasila (traduzione). In
'Rivista degli studi orientali' (Roma), 39, 1964, 211-242.

4.       Gomez, Luis O. Kamalasila. - Ultimo tratado de cultivo graduado
(Uttarabhavanakrama). Traduccion y notas. In 'Dialogos, Revista del
Departemento de filosofia, Universitad de Puerto Rico'. Ano 8, numero 23
(noviembre 1972), 85-137.

A German tranlation has been published in 'Zeitschrift der deutschen
Morgenlandischen Gesellschaft', 115, 1965, 309-319 (but I cannot say which
Bhavanakrama it is, having not seing the book).

I didn't find any mention of posthumous publication of Obermiller and I try
to get in touch with R. Hayes privately on that matter.

Thanks again.

Francois Obrist
Section de langues et civilisations orientales
Bibliotheque cantonale et universitaire de Lausanne
CH-1015 Lausanne
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