Rig Veda, ta'ntra, nUl, and sUtra

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<< I have to confess that I have only the crudest understanding of how
 works, so in looking over BAU 3.6, I was intrigued by Patrick Olivelle's
 conclusion that the "third term" upon which the weaving takes place must be
 the warp, and also his assertion that "this meaning also makes sense
 because the warp is the fixed and permanent element, while the woof
 represents movement and change."
The link between 'pA', the warp, and 'pA', the verse,  in Dravidian gets even
more interesting. The fundamental metrical unit of Tamil prosody is called
'acai' which also means 'to move, to shake' (DED 39) and 'to tie, to bind'
(DED 43).


S. Palaniappan 

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