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Leon Fernando Del Canto lfdelcanto at
Thu Apr 10 08:37:37 UTC 1997

Namaskar Robert and thanks for your defense of spoken samskrit. I agree
with you in some points, however I would like you to clarify the
following ones:

1. Re. Latin: I would like you to know that it is still used as spoken
language in some scholars circles as the "Romanists" who are Ph D.
involved in Roman History, Law, language and Philosophy teaching in the
European Universities mainly. For instance, in Spain we study Roman Law
as a mandatory subject for the Law Degree and many of the international
conferences in Roman Law are hold in Latin.

2. Re. your appreciation on > it is better to use real_ Sanskrit, not
the 'simplified' Hindutva-Sanskrit of the ten-day crash courses from
Bangalore> it seems a bit offensive to me, specially as the little
Samskrit I know has been learnt with them. I am not affiliated to them
in any way but here in Spain there is no other possibility to learn
Samskrit as it doesn't still have University recognition as such
language, some basic Samskrit is thaught in Classical Philology in a
course called Indoeuropean languages, but is even more basic that the
one you can find in the "Learn Samskrit in 30 days" books. 

I would appreciate very much if you can  make a more concrete critique
to point the mistakes or problems you have observed in this method so
the ones are following it can improve their Samskrit knowledge, as
finally we are her to improve and help each other to learn.

I am not sending this message to the list but if you think may be
interesting you can do it.

Awaiting your news, best regards,

L. Fernando del Canto

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