Inquiry about Rigveda electronic texts

John Smith jds10 at
Wed Apr 9 09:22:34 UTC 1997

On Tue, 8 Apr 1997, Jan Brzezinski wrote:

> Please excuse me for not having paid attention. A friend (Dr. John Leavitt
> of Université de Montréal) has asked if there is an electronic text of the
> Rgveda Sa.mhitaa available.

Vol. 50 in the Harvard Oriental Series is Rig Veda: a metrically restored
text with an introduction and notes, ed. B. A. van nooten and Gary B. 
Holland, 1994. It contains a disk with (a) the Aufrecht edition in
more-or-less standard CSX transcription, (b) the metrically restored text
in a version of CSX that has been extended in various undocumented ways. 
The Aufrecht text (which seems very accurate where I have looked at it) 
would probably suit Dr Leavitt. As I recall, there are few if any
restrictions on its non-commercial use.

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