Call for co-op: webpage on different standards of transcription/transliteration

Royce Wiles Royce.Wiles at
Mon Apr 7 07:22:09 UTC 1997

For the webpage on various scripts, you might want to have a look at the 
following title which gives a considerable number of romanization tables 

 TITLE        ALA-LC romanization tables : transliteration schemes for non-
                Roman scripts / approved by the Library of Congress and the
                American Library Association ; tables compiled and edited by
                Randall K. Barry.
 PUBLISHED    Washington : Cataloging Distribution Service, Library of
                Congress, 1991.
 DESCRIPT     vi, 216 p. : ill ; 28 cm.
 SUBJECT      Transliteration.
              Oriental languages -- Transliteration.
              Semitic languages -- Transliteration.
              Slavic languages -- Transliteration.
              Cataloging of foreign language publications.
 NOTE         "A new collection of transliteration schemes, the majority of
                which were previously published in the Library of Congress
                Cataloging service bulletin. The tables included in this
                edition supersede all of the ALA-LC romanization tables issued
 BIBLIOG.     Includes bibliographical references and index.
 ADD TITLE    Cataloging service bulletin.
              LC romanization tables.
 ISBN         0844407062 (pbk.)

Royce Wiles

On Sun, 6 Apr 1997 bpj at wrote:

> (Apologies to those that get more than one copy of this message!)
> Dear friends,
> I'm preparing a webpage dealing with transcription of various scripts and
> languages, as well as phonetic notation, in ASCII and HTML. Any suggestions
> and/or pointers to existing standards/proposals/existing habits are most
> welcome. ALL languages and scripts are of interest.
> Thank you,
> Philip Jonsson <bpj at>

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