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Girish Beeharry gkb at
Mon Apr 7 10:51:43 UTC 1997

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Namaste Girish,
  I forgot to give you the e-mail address
to Arsha Vidya Gurukulam.  The mail could
be directed to Swami Tadatmananda:

  ARSHA at or

    (sometimes I have trouble with that
     address and use the following) -

  ARSHA at

  Also, Swami Viditatmananda has a set of
tapes - "Vision of the Gita (An Overview)"
which is a discourse of 20 of his talks
(tapes) on the "bhagavadgiitaa".  (I just
found out about it on a new book/tape list
that I have.)  These can also be purchased
from the Gurukulam.
  I hope I have been of help to you and
the friends on the Indology List.

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