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<< Patrick Olivelle wrote on 04-04-97:
 >We really do not know the type of loom that forms the basis of the
 >metaphor. It appears that the weaver was located not behind the warp (as in
 >modern hand-looms) but on the side where she (and it is mostly women!) can
 >pass the shuttle back and forth. I have seen one reference that speaks of a
 >pair of women weaving (can't think of the source); if so there may have
 >been two women on either side of the loom passing the shuttle back and
 The two weaving women at the loom are mentioned in the year allegory of the
 Paushyaparvan of the Mahabharata (Mbh. 1.3.147,151,167,172).
Atharva Veda 10.8.42 also mentions a pair of maidens weaving. Whitney's
translation reads, " A certain pair of maidens, of diverse form, weave,
betaking themselves to it, the six-pegged web; the one draws forth the
threads (ta'ntu), the other sets [them]; they wrest not off (apa-vrj), they
go not to an end."


S. Palaniappan

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