VYAKARAN: Re: Classical Sanskrit Accent

Erik Hoogcarspel jehms at globalxs.nl
Sun Apr 6 20:40:07 UTC 1997

Op 06-apr-97 schreef Mr B.Philip.Jonsson [Seeker of Useless :

>This question of Sanskrit accents in different parts of India rises the
>question what model a western student should adopt: a theoretical
>"scientifically reconstructed" accent -- more or less that of P^a.nini i.e.
>--, the modern Indian accent closest to this ideal (Maharashtra?), the
>accent of their Indic teacher, or allow for a greater degree of influence
>from their _western_ substrate languages?

how about the meaning of the word 'saNskRta'? shouldn't we strive for one
(re)constructed standard of decent pronounciation and rise above our indian or
western prakRta?


erik hoogcarspel

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