please travel back in time and don't read my previous message!

bpj at bpj at
Fri Apr 4 22:25:04 UTC 1997

At 21:41 4.4.1997 +0100, Jacob Baltuch wrote:
>please do not read my previous message!!! (what, too late???)
>grrr. my previous message was supposed to be a private email
>to jean fezas. i've had been caught by that "feature" of that
>list but never with such embarrassing results.
>isn't there a setting so that replying to a message on the
>list would mean replying privately to the poster?
>embarrassed in brussels

Why embarrassed? If that rumor is true it should be made known, else it
should be refuted.

The truth does not thrive in secrecy.

Philip <bpj at>

PS: I also got a chance to dust off my French :-)

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