Q: Kannada words in a Greek play?

Lars Martin Fosse l.m.fosse at internet.no
Thu Apr 3 20:22:52 UTC 1997

Richard Solomon wrote:

>I have discussed this matter briefly in "Epigraphic Remains of Indian
>Traders in Egypt," International Journal of Dravidian Linguistics 22
>(1994): 7-16 (esp. 9-10) (revised and expanded version of article of
>the same title in JAOS 111 [1991]: 731-6).  I came to the conclusion that
>it is reasonably likely that the passages in question are a rough
>imitation of some Dravidian language, but it is unlikely that it can be
>identified more precisely than that.  

Just for the record, similar imitations of "barbaric" languages are also
found elsewhere in Greek literature. Mayrhofer in his Handbuch des
Altpersischen quotes a sequence of words from the Acharnoi of Aristophanes,
which he analyzes as an imitation of Persian and even turns into correct
Persian. (see Mayrhofer p. 91). 

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Lars Martin Fosse

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