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Namaste Shrii Beeharry,
   Swami Dayananda Saraswati chants "shriimad
bhagavadgiitaa" in the traditional manner in a
set of three cassettes and also by CD-ROM.  You
can inquire and order from the Gurukulam in PA
at the following address:

  Arsha Vidya Gurukulam
  P.O. Box 1059
  Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania 18353

  Phone:  (717) 992-2339
  FAX:      (717) 992-7150

  There is also a "bhagavadgiita Home Study Course"
that I am taking at present.  The course is very detailed.
I only have about half of it now - 890 pages plus a tape.
There are also the tapes from the classes from Coimbatore
by Swami Dayananda that were taped during the three-year
course.  You could ask or write the Book and Tape Dept.
about more details on all of this information.
  I hope this helps anyone who is interested.  I would
especially suggest that the Home Study course be taken
by anyone - believers or non-believers - because it is
so beautifully put together. (I also listen to the cassettes
while studying so that I can learn to chant "bhagavadgiitaa")

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