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<< With reference to this thread, would it be possible to outline the
 arguments used to arrive at the new identification of paN intaLam,
 puRaniirmai and cAtAri in particular? Specific issues related to this are:
 (1) is there a paN equivalent to mAyamALava-gauLa at all? >>

The arguments are in VPKS's commentary on the musical/dance Tamil text "panca
marapu", published in 1993 by the South India Saiva Siddhanta Works
Publishing Society.

intaLam - based on a verse in periyapurANam (taDuttATkoNDapurANam 75)

The basic process is to start with sa first and then go up to the sixth note
which is ma1, then on to ni1 and as you go round the 12-note circle (vaTTap
pAlai) you will get sa, ma1, ni1, ga1, and da1. The verse also states that it
is a 5-note paN or 'pANi' (remember mullaittIm pANi for Mohanam?).

puRanIrmai - based on the terminology of nErpAlai being kharaharapriya and
nErtiram, another name for puRanIrmai being a 5- note paN based on nErpAlai

cAtAri- based on aTiyArkkunallAr's commentary identifying cAtAri with
mullaittImpANi and a verse in a text "tiNaimAlai nURRaimpatu"

I do not know the paN equivalent of mAyamALava-gauLa.


S. Palaniappan

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