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Wed Apr 2 14:27:53 UTC 1997

I'm wondering if any of you might be able to clarify a fairly recent
historical change that I've had difficulty getting detailed information on.
of the Magha and Phalguna Mahashivaratri celebrations has changed in this
century. I get the impression that the Magha date was more widely celebrated
with public festivals in the past, but that the Phalguna occurence has now
become the more commonly celebrated and nationally recognized.

What I'm trying to find out is:

* Is my observation actually true in most regions, or just an artifact of
the second-hand sources available to me? Which specific regions or towns
have actually changed the dominant date of their celebration or festival, if

* Can anyone refer me to sources that actually discuss this and other
"standardization" of festivals and festival dates in this century?

I hope a 20th century question isn't seen as "off topic"--my interest is in
tracing the details of the history of Shiavite festivals from antiquity into
the future, which seems to be within the scope of this list's interests.

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