Vikram Seth again

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Tue Apr 1 11:06:17 UTC 1997

Maybe the last mail concerning the Czech translation of Vikram Seth's A
Suitable Boy:

1) Can anyone of you provide us a detailed information about the festival
Bhai-Duj? (viz. how, when, why and by whom it is celebrated).

2) What sort of dessert is rasmalai (ras is clear, malai is clear, but we do
not understand what comes up when it is mixed)? The quotation: 'Dinner was
simple but good: curds, vegetables, rice - and rasmalai for dessert.' (p.
715 of Phoenix edition, Chapter 11.11, c. 15th paragraph)

3) What sort of tree is Sita Ashok (the latin name is needed, as well as
some basic description).

Thank to all who have responded to the last series of questions (the
Shakespearean quotations and allusions).

(By the way, the first volume of the translation, i.e. Parts 1-10, is
already in print and should appear on 1 July 1997, the second (and last)
volume, which is now nearly finished should appear on 1 October 1997.)

Thank you, Jan Dvorak

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