(Fwd) query: Gita tapes

Das Menon dmenon at pacific.net.sg
Tue Apr 1 02:43:18 UTC 1997

There is a set of tapes available from E. Bharatha Pisharody, the originator
of the Kamadenu course for learning Sanskrit. 

These tapes have been prepared without any background music.

The address is :

        E. Bharatha Pisharody
        P.O Eranellur


>> >Would you know where I could find out about audio tape
>> >recordings of the Bhagavad Gita? My sister (who studies Sanskrit) is
>> >looking for something with a real Indian pandit reading (or chanting)
>> >in Sanskrit, with no musical background. 
>> I don't have any answers to David's query, I'm afraid, but would appreciate

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