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April, 1997

Dear Colleagues,

As active authors and researchers in the field of Hindu Studies, broadly
conceived, you will be interested to learn that the inaugural issue of
your INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HINDU STUDIES has now appeared. Information
about the Journal is appended below, and includes the content page. Do not
hesitate to ask if you need any more information.

With best wishes.

Sincerely yours,

Rejean Gauvreau
International Journal of Hindu Studies
World Heritage Press
1270 St-Jean, St-Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada J2S 8M2
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  presentation of research studies on Hindu societies and
  cultures and for the discussion of different approaches to 
  their study. 

  ISSN: 1022-4556
  Editor: Sushil Mittal
  Publisher: World Heritage Press, Journals Division, 
   1270 St-Jean, St-Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada J2S 8M2
  Sponsor: International Institute of India Studies
  Frequency: Three times a year: April, August, and December
  Article selection: Peer review
  Subscription rates:
   Institutions  $150.00	
   Individuals   $60.00
   Students      $30.00

    -Orders from outside Canada must be paid in US dollars.	
    -Orders from outside North America, add $6 for postage. 
     Canadians, please add 7% GST as follows: $4.20 individuals, 
     $2.10 students, $10.50 institutions.   


  <           INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HINDU STUDIES              > 

     Volume 1    Number 1   January-April 1997    ISSN 1022-4556


  Editorial, 1-2					     

  The center and circumference of silence: 
  Yoga, poststructuralism, and the rhetoric of paradox, 3-18
  George Kalamaras					     

  Imagining Ayodhya:
  Utopia and its shadows in a Hindu landscape, 19-54
  Philip Lutgendorf					   

  The power of space in a traditional Hindu city, 55-71
  Robert I. Levy			                   

  Mountains of wisdom: On the interface between Siddha and
  Vidyadhara cults and the Siddha orders in medieval India, 73-95
  David Gordon White

  Temple rites and temple servants: Religion's role 
  in the survival of Kerala's Kutiyattam drama tradition, 97-115
  Bruce M. Sullivan					   

  Bengali religious nationalism and communalism, 117-139
  Peter Heehs					           

  Ajatasattu and the future of psychoanalytic anthropology
  Part I: The promise of a culture, 141-164
  Dan W. Forsyth			

  Advaita Vedanta and typologies of multiplicity and unity:
  An interpretation of nondual knowledge, 165-188
  Joseph Milne		   

  Book reviews and notices, 189-216			          

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