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Madhav Deshpande mmdesh at
Thu Oct 31 22:56:48 UTC 1996

Dear Indologists,
	Here I wish to post a Note in relation to the abstracts of the
papers presented at the recent Michigan-Lausanne International Seminar on
the theme of "Aryan and Non-Aryan in South Asia: Evidence, Interpretation,
and Ideology".  The reservations included in my Note are necessary in
order to make a proper use of these abstracts and avoid their misuse.
	All the best,
			Madhav Deshpande

The abstracts represent pre-seminar statements.  The actual presentations
at the seminar were indeed often more complex, extensive, and often
significantly differed from the abstracts.  Similarly, the presentations
were followed by very intensive open discussions of individual papers and
of general issues raised.  The final papers, revised in view of the
extensive discussions at the seminar, will appear in the 1998 volume of
the Swiss journal Etudes Asiatiques/ Asiatische Studien.  The abstracts
should not be taken to represent the final views of any given author and
should not be cited as statements of claims by any of the authors. 
        Madhav Deshpande
        Organizer of the Michigan-Lausanne Seminar

For any further questions in relation to the seminar, please contact me
personally at mmdesh at  

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