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Dear Indologists,
        Few time ago, as I was saying Bhiima is beautiful, some scholars
objected: 'Bhiima is NOT beautiful'. But, using memory and Pr. Tokunaga's
index, I've found this two passages (restored from the Poona's printed

        When Hidimbaa falls in love with him (I, 139, 13-14):
dRSTvaiva bhiimasenam saa zaalaskandhamivodgatam |
raakSasii kaamayaamaasa ruupeNaapratimaM bhuvi ||
ayaM zyaamo mahaabaahuH siMhaskandho mahaadyutiH |
kambugriivaH puSkaraakSo bhartaa yukto bhavenmama ||

        When Viraata don't believe he's a cook (IV, 7, 6):
na suudataaM maanada zraddadhaami te sahasranetrapratimo hi dRzyase |
zriya ca ruupeNa ca vikrameNa ca prabhaasi taataanavaras nareSviha ||

        It seems to me they refer clearly to a great corporal beauty. Wrong ?
Do you know other passages (except in battle's furor) where he's not beautiful ?
Or his ugliness an oral or pictural tradition ?
        On an other hand, I'm unable to find his hair's color (and
Arjuna's). Do know it someone ?
Best thanks,

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