Shiva Sahasranama

Gary Tubb gat4 at
Thu Oct 24 15:38:18 UTC 1996

> I am interested in authoritative commentaries on the Shiva Sahasranama
> >From the Mahabharata.  I have heard of one by Niilaka.n.tha.  What
> is the time frame of this bhaasyam?  Are any books available with the
> original text?  Are there other bhaasyam-s on this subject?

The text of Nilakantha's commentary is included in a new book by
Professor RK Sharma entitled _Sivasahasranamastakam (Eight Collections of
Hymns Containing One Thousand and Eight Names of Siva)_.  Of the seven
other Sivasahasranama texts presented in the book there is one other one
(from the Lingamahapurana) with a Sanskrit commentary.  The book is
being published by Nag Publishers in Delhi, and also includes a very
useful glossary of all the names from the texts with English translation
("Sivasahasranamakosa"), as well as appendices giving passages from the
Vedic samhitas.

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