Re John Smith's Mahaabhaarata

Muneo Tokunaga g53772 at
Sat Oct 19 09:25:07 UTC 1996

Dear subscribers of Indology,

   I joined Indology just four hours ago and sent my answer to Dr. L.S. Cousins's mail to me concerning Dr. John Smith's Mahaabhaarata, which I didn't know until recently. So I do not know what reactions had entered Indology before my subscription. Please write to me what you thought about my mail to Dr. Smith sent through Prof. Michio Yano.

I hope a sort of the global Sanskrit library, which we can share with each other freely, come into being as soon as possible. The prerequisite for that goal, in my view, is for us to keep a minimun etiquette, with a fair judgment (not misunderstanding), in handling the data offered by others. This is my point. I will appreciate your response.

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