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what's the URL on the material?
Copyright laws are much valid on material
on internet as for printed material.
A Web link to the original is the
right approach to reference. 
Sounds somewhat strange!!

On Wed, 16 Oct 1996 yanom at wrote:

> Prof. Muneo Tokunaga, my repsected friend, asked me to post the following
> message since he is not on our mailing list.  Michio YANO
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Dear Fellow-Indologists,
> Two days ago I knew that Dr. John Smith of Cambridge is circulating
> my file of the Mahaabhaarata as his file with his modifications through
> Internet. He didn't let me know. I opened his homepage and read his harsh
> criticism on my files. I don't mind criticism; it is rather welcome.
> But I cannot but feel very sad that he is using my files, which he
> considers to be even `disasterous' in some respect, without giving
> me any notice or request to use them. 
> After reading his page I sent him the following mail.
>    - - - - -
> Dear Dr. John Smith,
> I was told of your epic files and your homepage today. I opened your
> homepage and read your comment on my files. My files are intended just
> to be a word-index to the printed edition. It was originally prepared
> just for my own purpses, but I opened them to the public by strong
> requests of Indologists all over the world.
> It's quite OK if you want to join word-separations inside the compound.
> But if you open them to the public as YOUR files, why don't you type all
> the Mahaabhaarata by yourself? I think this is a fair way of doing, and
> the etiquette in using e-files on the Internet.
>  Please do not use my files any more if you are not happy about them.
>                             Muneo Tokunaga, Kyoto
> - - - - -     
> If he ever type the whole Mahaabhaarata reading it, Dr. Smith will realize
> that the job is thousand times harder than  what he has done so far on
> my files. The question is not his harsh comment but what he has been doing
> behind against the goodwill of the one who kindly offered the files to him
> in answer to his request. It is not his outspokenness but his lack of the
> sense of acknowledgment about the contribution of others.
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