Upgraded Mahaabhaarata again

yanom at ksuvx0.kyoto-su.ac.jp yanom at ksuvx0.kyoto-su.ac.jp
Sat Oct 12 02:29:24 UTC 1996

Dear Colleagues,

I placed the upgraded Mahaabhaarata e-text (1_1) in my ftp
site on October 3.  Prof. Tokunaga and one of his students,
however, found that some corrections were missing in the
process of comparison.

So I have replaced the Mahaabhaarata e-text in my site again.
If you downloaded the text between October 3 and 11, we
advice you to do it again.
Sorry for inconvenience!

My ftp address is:
the directory is:

Michio YANO
yanom at ksuvx0.kyoto-su.ac.jp
yanom at cc.kyoto-su.ac.jp (for private mail)

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