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Fri Oct 11 19:52:41 UTC 1996

Nozawa Masanobu wrote: "Among the definitions of 'vinigraha' by Monier
Williams,  we find the following : an antithesis which implies that when
two propositions are antithetically stated peculiar stress is laid on one
of them (p.970a). I hope someone can give me information about the source
of this definition MW used.Æ

My guess would be that MW was directly or indirectly referring  to the
discussion of nipaatas in Yaaska's Nirukta 1.4-11.

The interpretation of the Nirukta discussion is problematic, particularly
of the  karmopasa.mgrahaarthiiya section.  Already several scholars,
including Mehendale, Bronkhorst and Falk, have written on the problem.

Yaaska mentions the meanings of at least some nipaatas with the taddhita
formation vinigrahaarthiiya.

Skanda-Mahe;svara characterize Yaaska's use of aha in the definition of the
karmopasa.mgrahaarthiiya nipaata as vinigrahaarthiiya.

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