Q: Neelakanta Bhaashyam

Vidyasankar Sundaresan vidya at cco.caltech.edu
Wed Oct 9 16:38:36 UTC 1996

> I want to know of any Western language articles/books on
> Neelakantha Sivacharyar's bhaashyam on brahmasutram.
> This is a Saiva Siddhanta work. May be the references will 
> deal with the differences when compared to Sankara's advaita philosophy.

Check Roma Chaudhuri, "Doctrine of the Srikantha and other monotheistic
schools of the Vedanta," Calcutta, 1959-62 [v.1, 1962]. Series title:
Pracyavani research series no. 11, (1959-1962)

S. N. Dasgupta's History of Indian Philosophy: Vol. V gives other
references. The entire volume deals with various Saiva schools, but
it was published a while ago, and is not upto date. 

S. Vidyasankar

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