Bookstores in Calcutta

soumitra at soumitra at
Fri Oct 4 03:10:28 UTC 1996

You wrote: 
>Dear Indologists,
>	I will spend some times in Calcutta next December. I wonder 
>whether anyone could suggest the name and address of some good 
academic book 
>		With many thanks in adavnce
>		Francois Quiviger
>		Warburg Institute
>		University of London
Check out the bookshops in College street . Especially Sarat Book 
House, Dasgupta,Rupa and a whole lot. Check out a tiny little bookshop 
in JAdavpur , opposite of Jadavpur University and in the 1st floor of 
Coffee House .But you will get information from the side-walks of 
College Street.

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