Baring the Right Shoulder

Srinivasan Pichumani srini at
Thu Oct 3 21:50:29 UTC 1996

>>I wasn't aware that Tenkalai customs were 
>>so different.  Almost a different species...  :-)

Gunning for war, eh ???  I have always been
intrigued by this Y vs U thingy ;-)  Who knows,
I may have been a Privy Council member or whomever
in my previous avatAra adjudicating on the VaradarAjasvAmi
temple elephant's markings (?).

On a sober note,  I find Patricia Y. Mumme's
treatment of the subject in her book,
	The Srivaisnava theological dispute:
	Manavalamamuni and Vedanta Desika
	Madras : New Era Publications, 1988.

very informative and enlightening... 

-a despicable smArta

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