panca-parvan again

Gary Alan Tubb gat4 at
Wed Oct 2 12:45:46 UTC 1996

V. S. Apte gives a verse listing the five parvans in his Practical
Sanskrit-English Dictionary, s.v. pa~nca-parvan, as follows:

caturda"sy a.s.tamii caiva amaavaasyaa ca puur.nimaa
parvaa.ny etaani raajendra ravisa.mkraantir eva ca

The subject is covered in detail by P. V. Kane in his History of

On Wed, 2 Oct 1996, Kenneth G. Zysk wrote:

> Ashok gave me a reference to panca-parva in the Yogasutra. For that, I am
> most grateful. However, the panca-parvan with which I need help derives
> from the tradition of jyotihsastra, and refers to five changes, including
> the time of the new and full moons. Specifically, I would like to know
> what the five are, and where in the literature they are mentioned. parvan
> here is neut. noun. Many thanks again. Ken

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