Hindi and English in Karnataka

gail at utxvms.cc.utexas.edu gail at utxvms.cc.utexas.edu
Sat Nov 30 23:16:28 UTC 1996

> I don't know Kannada, and therefore do not know the Kannadan equivalent of
> the words "Power" and "Center," but I can not help but notice that Prof.
> Murthy's language activist organization, the Kannada Sakti Kendra has
> ironically borrowed Hindi words, for the name of the language movement
> (bhaasha andolan).  Perhaps the ubiquitous use of many of these Sanskrit
> derived words, found in Hindi and their cognates in many north Indian
> languages, along with the large scale borrowing of Sanskrit terms into
> several Dravidian languages, provides the commonality necessary to
> accommodate and communicate.
> Yvette C. Rosser

I don't think borrowing from Hindi is really relevant, here -- that's 
something that always happens in multilingual situtations. I'd be *very* 
surprised if Kannada hadn't borrowed from Hindi, a language with 
which it has frequent contact, regardless of the power ratio or status 
of the two languages. Anyway, the Indic languages have also borrowed a 
lot from the Dravidian ones.


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